innovative systems for controlling electronic systems

The Wide, Wide World of Control Relays

As our world comes increasingly to rely on electronic systems in a variety of different applications, innovative systems for controlling those systems have to be developed. The humble control relay has become the most common method for achieving this control and is used in an incredible number of situations.

A control relay is really nothing more than a special switch, controlled by electricity. In essence, relays allow a very low current circuit to control a higher current circuit. You’ll find that relays have evolved considerably over time, though the concept dates back more than 100 years. Today, there are many different relay designs used in different applications, including single and dual-switch relays.

At its heart, a relay is a coil through which electricity is sent.

When the current enters the coil, it creates an electromagnetic field (somewhat similar to an automobile alternator). This field is then put to work and is the key by which relays operate.